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A short history

The year 2000 meant a first key moment in the company’s growth, by changing the strategy and the approach to the private security services market.
Thus, with an end to further improving services and strengthening the company’s position on the market, the shareholders elected to transform some branches into independent legal entities. In Constanţa, the local branch is turned into an independent company and takes over about a third of the country's areas, namely the North, North-East and South-East. Starting from the client portfolio taken over from the mother company, the new entity manages to increase its turnover and expand its portfolio, thus becoming, in 2007, the 3rd company at national level, in the category of large companies. This success was sustained by both high performance management and an investment programme in technology, logistics and, above all, in personnel.

The next step was to develop the idea of a group of companies, thus covering new fields of activity, such as detective work, building administration, transport and escort for individuals and groups of people, volunteering and vocational training.

In 2014, we introduced and have since been testing two new innovating technical solutions:
- detection systems for fire and calamity prevention, especially for national parks and protected areas, as well as woods and large industrial areas with a high degree of fire hazard;
- active systems for the prevention of occupational accidents generated by installations or equipment, on rigs or in industrial enclosures.


According to the specific features of each premises and the security risks indicated in the risk assessment, Protguard specialists determine the logistics necessary for fulfilment of the mission. We provide our beneficiaries and security agents with specific technical equipment:

  • marked patrol vehicles;
  • specialised vehicles for the transport of valuables;
  • off-road vehicles;
  • water vessels;
  • personal defence equipment (bulletproof vests and body armour, helmets, shields, tear gas sprays etc.);
  • gas-operated firearms with rubber or standard bullets, according to the type of mission;
  • - communication equipment (radio transceivers, telephones);
  • GPS vehicle and people localisation devices;
  • any other specific equipment and means necessary, given the specifics of the premises and the missions.

Employees directly involved in the provision of guard and security services have an average age of 34 and are qualified for this activity in compliance with Romanian legislation in force, Protguard being responsible for their periodic and ongoing training. Logistic and managerial support for the entire activity is provided by qualified personnel with experience in the field.

Our services are provided in compliance with the highest standards of quality and professionalism. This is the result of the commitment and good collaboration of the company’s departments, as well as their coordination by a young, committed and experienced management team.

Strategically positioned mobile squads ensure the intervention of Protguard agents for the fast settlement of any security problem.

For special situations, a squad patrols the vicinity of the premises for maximum security.

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