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Consultancy, design and assembly

Qualified and experienced in the field, our personnel offer specific consultancy and auditing services for the implementation of integrated physical security systems.

In order to implement a security system, whether this means technical security systems or human guards to secure a premises, the procedure involves three essential stages: consultancy, design and installation.


Firstly, a sales consultant, together with two specialists from the technical department and one from the operations department, as applicable, visit the premises in order to perform a security audit.

At this point, they mutually establish with the beneficiary the main threats and specific security needs, on the basis of which the quotation will be drafted.


The provisions of regulations in force are taken into consideration when drafting the security designs and guard plans. State-of-the-art equipment and methods are used for technical security systems in order to ensure maximum security. All equipment is original and accompanied by EC conformity certificates. Guard plans are based on modern defense and security techniques, methods and equipment, and rely on security agents qualified under our own training structures, legally certified, trained and instructed through a continuous and ongoing programme. Depending on the results of the security audit and the beneficiary’s requirements, armed agents may also be provided for guard services.


Installation of technical security systems is undertaken by qualified technicians, according to technical designs endorsed by the Police.

All technical security systems are covered by a 12-month warranty for the installation work and the manufacturer’s warranty for the equipment, usually 24 months.

Depending on the specifics of the premises and the mission, as well as the total number of posts, the adoption of duties at a premises and the implementation of human guard solutions are effected in the shortest time possible, on the basis of the necessary experience acquired in over 20 years of activity in the private security field.

Protguard provides clients with professional services in the field of

  • design and installation of electronic surveillance and anti-breaking systems;
  • design and installation of CCTV systems;
  • design and installation of fire-detecting systems;
  • design and installation of electronic access control systems;
  • monitoring of technical security systems.
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