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Private investigations

Protguard Investigation private detectives agency is a legal company registered with Constanţa Trade Register under no. J/13/3476/2008.
The agency operates under Law 329/2003, G.D. 1666/2004 and other legal provisions in force, with a sole business activity - private investigations.

In their activity, the agency’s detectives are in strict compliance with professional ethics, based on the principles of lawfulness, legitimacy, morality and strict confidentiality of data regarding the entire specific investigative activity.

Our agency has qualified personnel, trained and attested in compliance with the legislation in force and makes use of state-of-the-art equipment, in full appreciation from our clients.

Our services

Our reputation for private investigations that are fast, efficient and discreet is highly appreciated by companies and persons, which is also the reason why we take on the responsibility of prompt reaction to all our clients’ requests, within the competences provided by the law, of course.

Finding of missing persons

If you are looking for someone you have completely lost contact with (family or friends), Protguard Investigation offers full services for identifying and finding missing persons.
The drama of families suffering after the disappearance of their loved ones, the tragedy of searching and the daily agony of uncertainty regarding the fate of those missing are, sadly, part of nowadays reality.
Regardless whether this is someone who was adopted at birth (step siblings looking for each other) or maybe an adopted person wishing to find their biological parents, we will help you on this path.
Our detectives will take on your request, starting from even the smallest amount of information and the circumstances in which the missing person disappeared.
We have both professional private detectives and high-tech computer systems that are able to successfully locate missing persons. The scope of searching for these persons is not limited to the national territory, but also encompasses international territories, regardless whether they are within or outside the European Union.
We can find missing persons in the following categories:

  • Persons who left their home and disappeared;
  • Biological parents of adopted children;
  • Family members or friends who have disappeared recently or a long time ago;
  • Kidnapped persons;
  • Persons searched for establishing the inheritance corpus (in testaments).

All investigations involved in person search are carried out discretely by Protguard Investigation detectives.
Each completed operation is followed by a full investigation report on the searches and the persons found, as well as by additional information which should help you contact the person in question.

Properties and assets tracking

Dictionaries define private property as "the right of any natural or legal persons, of the state or administrative and territorial units over movable or immovable assets, assets over which the owner exercises the ownership right attributes in their own interest, but within the limitations imposed by the law".
Unfortunately, this definition is not always observed. Mass-media abounds in terms such as "real estate sharks", "abusive retrocession of lands", "onerous claims" and many more.
Are you a victim of frauds or do you have any information according to which you are not the rightful owner of a property that should be yours? Whether it is an inheritance or an asset claimed by someone else, Protguard Investigation comes to your assistance.
Our team of professional private detectives and our computer systems can successfully track down your property (assets). The scope of searching for this property is not limited to the national territory, but also encompasses international territories, regardless whether they are within or outside the European Union.
Protguard Investigation offers you support in the following areas:

  • Locating assets belonging to natural or legal entities;
  • Locating assets that were fraudulently placed with other persons;
  • Locating assets that were fraudulently alienated so as to be removed from the inheritance corpus or from the partition proceedings;
  • Locating assets that form the object of a civil dispute or criminal case;
  • Obtaining official, authentic records: books, accounting documents, sales contracts, etc., under private signature: agreements, receipts, personal records which may prove who is the rightful ownership over the asset in case.

All investigations are carried out discretely by Protguard Investigation detectives.
Each completed operation is followed by a full investigation report on the searches and the property (assets) found, as well as by additional information.

For natural persons Protguard Investigation offers the following services, under strict confidentiality:

  • Surveillance and tracing of people, observation of their public conduct and morality;
  • Establishing their occupations and lifestyle, checking their prior behaviour and inquiring on pre- and post-nuptial behaviours;
  • Searching for persons missing from their homes or in hiding, detection of persons that have been out-of-touch.

Consulting services for natural persons::

  • Finding and preventing couples’ issues;
  • Finding signs and symptoms of adultery or possible conjugal separation and referral to a specialised therapist;
  • Training our clients in the use of technical audio - video surveillance equipment in private domains.

For legal entities, Protguard Investigation offers professional consultancy activities and investigational services in the field of economic investigations, as follows:

  • Protection against information leaks (confidential data, economic information, etc.);
  • Consultancy, studies, analyses, formulation and implementation of security policies in the IT and communications field;
  • Developing the company’s security policy, information protection techniques;
  • Information regarding unfair competition;
  • Information on current or prospective employees;
  • Investigation of frauds in the banking or insurance field;
  • Investigations on prospective business partners, in respect of their reliability, credit worthiness or solvency;
  • Investigations on bad debtors and establishing prejudice recovery methods;
  • Verification of various statements;
  • Identification of connections for constant theft of goods;
  • Detection of counterfeit goods on the market;
  • Other investigations and consultancy activities requested by the clients.


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