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Monitoring and intervention

24/7 fast intervention

Protguard provides a Central Monitoring Dispatcher's Office, operating 24/7.
The Central Monitoring Dispatcher's Office is supplied both with the technical equipment for dispatching and monitoring by phone, IP, GPS and GPRS, as well as with video monitoring dispatching equipment.
The signals provided automatically by the local detection and warning systems, or the ones manually set off through the alarm systems, are being taken over by the IP or GPRS communicator, digitally encoded and instantly transmitted to Protguard’s Central Monitoring and Intervention Dispatcher's Office.
Protguard’s intervention agents are specially selected, trained, drilled and equipped in terms of tactics and logistics with the following: cars, mobile phones, tonfa, radio, lantern, whistle, fire extinguisher, pepper spray and individual means of protection (protective helmet, bulletproof vest, gas mask, etc.)

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Security and protection for industrial premises

industrial premises, wind farms, refineries, companies

In over 20 years of activity, PROTGUARD has perfected its methods and procedures in relation to industrial premises, this being one of the sectors in which we have excelled. Using classic physical security devices or our own team system, PROTGUARD has offered efficiency irrespective of the size of the industrial premises being protected..
In order to ensure maximum physical security and increase the efficiency of the security agents deployed, PROTGUARD offers state-of-the-art solutions for access control systems, CCTV, intruder detection, and fire detection and signalling systems.

PROTGUARD has excelled in offering top quality services and full security to its clients in the fields of petroleum product transportation pipelines, shipyards, refineries, wind farms, civil and industrial construction sites, forests, animal farms, food industry units or any other type of large industrial premises..

Security and protection for your home

apartments, houses, mansions

We are all concerned with the security of our families and homes. Through its employees, PROTGUARD offers advanced physical security services for any type of residential building.

The security of our beneficiaries’ dwellings is ensured and closely monitored day and night, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Intervention teams are ready for fast response in order to eliminate any threat.

In residential areas equipped with communal security systems and controlled access, PROTGUARD agents are more than simple guardians, they are your friends and neighbours who are always home, paying attention to all that happens and answering the phone whatever your needs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Private investigations

discretion and reliability

Our employees have vast experience in the field of investigations, surveillance and tracing. The company also provides private detectives specialized in various lines of work. With a vast experience in the field, our agency has solved many cases similar to yours, so we can help you in the matter.
We offer the following services:

  • spouse morality cases;
  • investigation of people;
  • people search;
  • surveillance.

Protguard guarantees full discretion and confidentiality on all cases we handle.

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Transportation, escort and protection of assets

by road, rail or inland water

The transportation, escort and protection of assets is undertaken by specially trained armed agents using vehicles approved by the General Police Inspectorate, in compliance with legislation in force. We provide escort and protection of various goods in transit under various types of transportation - road, rail or inland water.
We make sure our clients’ instructions are followed to the letter. At the same time, we provide our clients with the support and documentation they need throughout transportation and storage. Regardless whether it is a special cargo transportation or a regular valuables transfer for a bank, our company covers all aspects regarding safety during transport, storage and delivery.
We provide solutions under the cost-quality report in order to ensure safety and security of your valuable products and assets. In crisis situations, our agents are perfectly capable to apply complicated techniques such as defensive driving, accident avoidance, evasive driving or vehicle supervision.
Transport of valuable assets is achieved with specialised staff, authorised by the Romanian General Police Inspectorate, all in compliance with the legal provisions in force. .

Consultancy, design and assembly

professionalism and efficiency

The installation of a security system, whether it involves human guards, electronic surveillance systems, the transportation of valuables, or any other specific services, is only undertaken following close assessment of the security risks inherent to the premises in question.
Protguard performs the preliminary security audit necessary in order to propose measures and technical and human resources appropriate to the given situation.

The provisions of regulations in force are taken into consideration when drafting the security designs and guard plans. State-of-the-art equipment and methods are used for technical security systems in order to ensure maximum security.

All equipment is original and accompanied by CE compliance certificates.

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